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Creek Critters (A Family Class)

Friday, June 22 

6:00 to 7:30 pm

This will be a fun evening of educational discovery at the Botanical Garden with Beaver Water District and Ozark Water Watch educators as part of the Walton Art Center’s celebration of Artosphere! We will learn about water quality and how you can check the water quality of any body of water by looking for little critters living there. Everyone will then have a chance to examine water samples with live specimens in them. Participants will also go home with a pocket-size magnifying glass and an Inventory Sheet for identifying critters in their own backyard. We will make this class both fun for kids and informative for adults.

Cost:  FREE for members; Non-members pay $10/adults, $5/children 8-13.  (Please no children under the age of 8)  If you have children who are too young to attend this class, they would love our Little Sprouts What About Water day on June 20th.  Preschoolers will do fun, science-based experiments with water and learn all about the water cycle!  Learn more about Little Sprouts.

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*Please be aware, we do not offer refunds for our classes and workshops. Exchanges may be considered on a case by case basis if they are made at least one week in advance. Due to material costs, availability and other factors, we cannot guarantee an exchange. Contact Roslyn at rimrie@bgozarks.org if you would like your exchange to be considered. All proceeds go to support environmental, gardening and health-related education in the community. Thank you for your support!