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Food Forestry Workshop

Tuesday, May 10 | 6:00 – 7:30 pm

Join us for a workshop covering the practice of food forestry and how it can be incorporated into edible landscaping, homesteading and mixed orchard projects. Food forestry is a technique developed from Permaculture design principles, in which an edible ecosystem is constructed. These systems are low maintenance & space efficient and provide a diverse set of yields throughout the seasons. In this workshop experienced permaculture designers Täs Zinck and Chase Jones will provide an understanding of the natural processes that are enlisted to create a food forest and demonstrate through observation of natural ecosystems how we can learn to design our gardens and landscapes after patterns and plant communities found in nature. 

About Boidesic Strategies:

Chase Jones & Täs Zinck founded Biodesic Strategies in 2016 with the goal of helping landowners transition land-management practices and the lifestyles that come with them away from the extractive, ecologically damaging conventions towards regenerative models. They offer site assessments & consultation and in-depth integrative property design including everything from strategic placement of structures, earthworks such as ponds, terraces, and swales, animal systems, gardens, food forestry, wildlife habitat, and more. Varying levels of involvement are available for those DIYers who would like professional guidance in decision making for their property or for those who want hands-on assistance/leadership in transforming their landscapes. To see examples of some of their work visit their website www.Biodesicstrategies.com or email them biodesic@gmail.com to schedule an introductory call to discuss your project. 

Costs: $15 Members / $25 Nonmembers (Not a member? Join or renew today!)

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