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Memorial Trees

Memorial Tree Program

The Botanical Garden of the Ozarks provides a uniquely beautiful setting to honor or remember a family member or loved one. Our Memorial Tree Program provides an opportunity for individuals to sponsor a tree at the garden, while at the same time honoring or remembering loved ones with a gift that will get more beautiful and significant with each season. We have several ways to participate:

Established Tree Memorial

Trees that have been added since the garden was first planted in 2007 now have become established and are beginning to attain significant size. These trees are in prime locations within the garden so your recognition plaque will be seen by the most visitors. An engraved vinyl marker on a sturdy metal sign will name the tree and highlight the honoree. Because these trees are in prime locations, ongoing care and maintenance is ensured. Should something unexpected happen to the tree, the garden will replace it. Cost: $2,000

New Tree Memorial

The garden is continually adding new trees and those wishing to watch a tree grow might consider this option. The garden staff will choose the species and location for this tree. A marker will name the tree and highlight the honoree. If something happens to the tree, the garden will replace it. Cost: $1,000


For those wishing to make a significant contribution to the Arboretum, you may choose to name all or part of a plant collection. For example, a donor might sponsor the entire dogwood collection in the Garden. For more information about sponsoring a collection, please contact Charlotte Taylor, Executive Director, at ctaylor@bgozarks.org or (479) 750-2620.


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