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Into the Microverse: A Look into Soil & Compost Ecology

With Biodesic Strategies

Tuesday, November 15th | 6pm

Join Biodesic Strategies as they demonstrate how to assess soil health using soil microscopy. This qualitative assessment method looks at the ecology in the soil to see if the full Soil Food Web and all of its interconnections are present. They will demonstrate how to set up and use a microscope to look for beneficial microorganisms such as bacteria, fungi, nematodes, protozoa and more! Aerobic soil with a complete Soil Food Web provides all the functions necessary for maintaining healthy plants including cycling nutrients, building soil structure and increasing water retention by encouraging a soil carbon sponge. Bring a sample of your compost or garden soil and time permitting you may get a peek at what’s going on under the hood. Join Biodesic as they take you into the Microverse!

Cost: $15/members and $25/nonmembers (Not a member? Register here.)

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