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Lifelong learning is a central part of the mission of the Botanical Garden of the Ozarks. We hold workshops, lectures, and classes for people of all ages throughout the year.

Our education programs include workshops, classes and lectures for adults in horticulture, conservation and other topics of interest to gardeners of all skill levels and others who admire the beauty and science of the natural world.

The majority of our education programs are for children of all ages. We work with area school districts to provide hands-on nature and science learning experiences, exploring a broad array of garden-related topics. Our programs such as Little Sprouts, Earth Days, Butterfly Days and Firefly Fling offer unique outdoor experiences to thousands of children each year.

In 2019, the garden’s education staff reached over 18,000 children and adults through tours, educational programs and outreach programs.



Top image by Northwest Arkansas Democrat-Gazette.