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Monarchs & More Class

Wednesday, September 21 | 6:00 – 7:30 pm

Everyone’s heard about the plight of the monarchs.  Learn what you can do to help this fascinating butterfly (and other pollinators). In this class, we will explore the monarch life cycle, favorite plants, migration, and population decline.

Additionally, we will examine several of the monarchs citizen science projects in which each of us can participate. (Citizen science is a powerful data collection tool that provides enormous amounts of information to scientists who may lack the time or resources to pursue this research.) 

This class will take place in our event hall and will include a PowerPoint, Q&A session, as well as printable handout. If possible, we will also tag and release monarchs.

Registration is required and space is limited. The first 20 participants will go home with a milkweed plant!

Cost: FREE for members / $10 for non-members  (Not a member? Join or renew today!)

*Please be aware, we do not offer refunds for our classes and workshops. Exchanges may be considered on a case by case basis if they are made at least one week in advance. Due to material costs, availability and other factors, we cannot guarantee an exchange. Contact Roslyn at rimrie@bgozarks.org if you would like your exchange to be considered. All proceeds go to support environmental, gardening and health-related education in the community. Thank you for your support!