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Board and Staff

BGO Staff

Charlotte Taylor Executive Director | ctaylor@bgozarks.org

Susan Foley Director of Special Events | sfoley@bgozarks.org

Kristen Hoover Assistant Director of Special Events | khoover@bgozarks.org

Liz Esch Sponsorship Coordinator | lizesch@bgozarks.org

Deborah Coley  Business Manager | dcoley@bgozarks.org

Courtnay Richards Office Manager | crichards@bgozarks.org

Judie Branson Administrative Assistant | jbranson@bgozarks.org

Liz Atwell Communications Coordinator | latwell@bgozarks.org

Amber Ebbrecht Director of Education & Community Outreach Coordinator | aebbrecht@bgozarks.org

Brook Blanton Education & Outreach Assistant | bblanton@bgozarks.org

Megan Lankford Horticulture Supervisor | mlankford@bgozarks.org

Sarah Garrison Assistant Horticulture Supervisor | sgarrison@bgozarks.org

Jonathan Steinbiser Facilities Manager / Horticulturist | jsteinbiser@bgozarks.org

Adrian Leffingwell Horticulturist | aleffingwell@bgozarks.org

Lee Witty Horticulturist | lwitty@bgozarks.org

2019 Board of Directors

Dr. Bill Schwab, President Director of the Pryor Center, University of Arkansas

Judy McDonald, Vice President Community Volunteer

Bo Bittle, Treasurer The Bittle Insurance Agency, Inc.

Joel Freund, Secretary Parks & Recreation Board Representative

Case Dighero Independent Business Owner

Catherine Hipp Fayetteville City Council Board Appointee

Steven H. Kay Attorney-at-Law

Bob Lambert Attorney-at-Law

Wayne Mackay Professor and Department Head, Department of Horticulture, University of Arkansas

Linda McMath, Past President Community Volunteer

Pamm Prebil Community Volunteer

Willa Thomason Parks & Recreation Staff Representative

Eleanor Townsley Community Volunteer