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Field Trips




General Field Trips FAQ

How long does a field trip last?

50-70 minutes

Who can participate?

School groups, homeschool groups, boy or girl scout troops, special needs groups of either adults or children

How much does it cost?

In-person cost:  $40 for each class

Audio Tour Cost:  $2 per download (you must provide your own device) or free with the community access program.

(Community Access Passes can cover low-income groups. Audio Tours are free for groups who qualify for Community Access Passes)

How does it work?

Your students will be put in groups of 15 upon arrival. Each group of 15 will have their own guide for the Garden. Field Trip lessons include using the Garden as a teaching tool to explore science lessons. Subjects may cover vegetables, plant adaptations, life cycles, butterflies, gardening, watersheds, native plants and cool plant facts – all while engaging the senses and walking through the six cultivated acres of the Garden. 

Additional Field Trip Opportunities


Greener Earth: Each spring students celebrate Earth Day at the Garden with activities exploring conservation and Earth stewardship.


Butterfly Days: In the fall, students come to the Garden for Butterfly Days, where they learn about the role of pollinators through hands-on activities.

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