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Sponsorship Opportunities

The Botanical Garden of the Ozarks is supported through the generosity of the community, an important part of which is sponsorship of our various events and programs.

Sponsors not only benefit from the large number of participants their brand will interact with, they also have the satisfaction of knowing they are supporting our mission to provide education, entertainment, and recreation for the thousands of people who visit the Garden each year.

Each level of sponsorship provides a variety of benefits for the donor, and those are outlined in the packet for each program or event opportunity. All of them include the benefit of having thousands of people interact with a brand, exposure on the Garden’s broad network of social media, and recognition on our website and through blog posts. Explore the links below and see where your company or family sponsorship feels it best fits.

If you are interested, you are welcome to call our office at 479.750.2620 or email Susan Foley at sfoley@bgozarks.org to find out more about supporting the Botanical Garden of the Ozarks.