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Garden Art Exhibit

Reclaimed Surfaces:  Paintings by Gregory Moore

On display now through May 31st

A special temporary art installation is on display during the month of May at the Botanical Garden of the Ozarks.  Reclaimed Surfaces features acrylic paintings by artist Gregory Moore.  Moore created these pieces on found objects that are uniquely stained, rusted or otherwise damaged.

“As I paint, I let the characteristics that attract me to the piece guide my painting, overlaying imagery that integrates and honors the character of the found object,” Moore said.

Come see this beautiful display before it’s gone!  An exhibit guide can be picked up in the Visitors Center with details about each piece, including where each painting is located in the garden.

Interested in taking one home to hang in YOUR garden?  All six outdoor paintings are available to purchase by contacting greg@gregmooreart.com or 479-925-8862.  A portion of the proceeds will support the Botanical Garden of the Ozarks’ mission of providing education, celebrations and recreation for the Northwest Arkansas community.

Oven Bee | 20″(w) x 22″(h) | $450  |  “A friend of mine let me go into his jungle of a backyard and take whatever I wanted. I pulled out an old oven from the weeds and I’ve been disassembling it piece by piece to make paintings. This is the inside of the oven door. Why did I paint a bee on this? I’m not sure. Maybe it’s because the black color makes a good contrast? Maybe it’s because his backyard was swarming with bees…” – Artist Gregory Moore


Cicada Panel | 9.5″(w) x 19″(h) | $350  |  “I found a length of this metal panel in a dumpster in my neighborhood. As familiar as I am with cicadas, I will never get used to these enormous bugs. I took liberties with the coloration to emphasize the strange beauty of this common insect.” – Artist Gregory Moore


Raccoon Box | 18″(w) x 12″(h) | $350  |  “I found this blue box years ago at Ozark Steel, a salvage yard in Fayetteville where I have found many great pieces. Raccoons have long been fascinating to me because of the secret way they make a home in the liminal space between human affairs. I feel myself drawn to themes of survival outside the bounds of officially recognized culture.” – Artist Gregory Moore


Beetle Barrel | 22″ (circle) | $450  |  “Lately I have been purchasing these barrel lids from a friend of mine who collects all kinds of great metal artifacts. I love the stark contrast of rust and white paint on this barrel lid. A stag beetle felt perfect for this piece because of the way the vibrant greens contrast with the reddish rust pattern.” – Artist Gregory Moore


Canna Lily Rust #1 | 30″(w) x 47″(h) | $2,000  |  “I love the squiggly and colorful form of canna lilies. I saw one in my neighbor’s yard and I immediately knew that I wanted to paint one on as large a scale as I could. This rusty metal panel was found in old shed on a friend’s farm. She had no idea how long it had been there or what it was used for. The grey metal and reddish rust pattern felt like the perfect setting for these vibrant yellow flowers.” – Artist Gregory Moore


Shelf Catfish | 35.5″(w) x 18″(h) | $500  |  “I found this piece of a shelf behind a liquor store. The rust patterns looked watery to me. Perfect for the weird catfish I’d been longing to paint. I also really love the repeated circular pattern punched out along the top and bottom of this piece which call to mind its industrial origins.” – Artist Gregory Moore